"5 Organic Foods Every PCOS Woman Should Eat"

By Randi Cestaro, CHHC



Here’s an article I decided to write to inform women with PCOS to understand the importance of eating these foods in an organic form. The reason is that these 5 foods that I listed below may contain growth hormones, antibiotics, food colorings, etc...
We know that women with PCOS have to avoid all foods with added hormones because of the hormone surge it can create in our body. Remember the secret to getting your PCOS in remission is stabilizing out you hormones and blood sugar levels.

Eating these foods in an organic form required you to seek out stores that carry these foods. Your safest bet is always a health food store, although some grocery stores are starting carry a lot of organic brands as well.

Eating organic does take some work and research to see what stores carry these products in an organic form. But it’s well worth the effort. This does not mean that you have to get rid of everything in your refrigerator and replace it with organic; all it simply means is that foods that may contain growth hormones, we should avoid.
In general everyone should, but more importantly woman with PCOS.
Try these 5 organic foods the next time you go shopping.
Once you try these foods in an organic form you should notice a cleaner taste, and feel better overall from not ingesting extra hormones into your body.
Try eating these organic foods for a two weeks and see if your body notices a difference.

5 Organic Foods Every PCOS Women Should Eat:

1) For starter’s yogurt and/or diary products should be organic. For starters Organic diary products are made without the use of added hormones or antibiotics and can have higher levels of omega-3s. Organic dairy products are not only good for women with PCOS - they can be much less damaging to the environment. So next your reach for a snack in the afternoon, make sure you reach for an organic yogurt and/or diary products.

2) Salads are equally as important as diary to have in an organic state. The reason is conventional salads have some of the highest levels of toxic pesticides. So it’s best to choose organic greens. When making your salad, try adding in some extra organic vegetables and boost your intake of antioxidants.

3) Apples are not too missed. Apples also contain toxic pesticides. With that being said its best to have its best to buy organic apples. You may want to start looking up local farmers markets that come to your area so you can stock up on fresh organic fruits and vegetables that don’t contain any harmful pesticides.

4) Tomatoes. Yes these colorful round tomatoes are also best when they are organic so you can again avoid all those harmful pesticides. Fresh organic tomatoes are so health for you; they provide your body with lycopene, an antioxidant that may lower cancer and heart disease risks and may do other wonderful things as well.

5) Don’t forget your Meat products. Most people don’t realize that animals are treated in such an inhumane way; by injecting animals with growth hormones, antibiotics, force fed, etc…that why meat is so important to buy organic. The best quality of meat is from grass fed cows and it’s often leaner than other meats and contains more of the good omega 3 fats. Try switching over any of your meats to organic and notice the cleaner, fresher taste.

Try these delicious products in an organic form and notice how much cleaner and fresher your meals will taste.

Follow the above tips for two weeks and notice how you feel.

Now, isn’t that a great way to spell ‘relief’ for yourself?

I think so and so do the many PCOS sufferers I have been fortunate to work with.  If you would like additional support in living with PCOS, please visit my web site or e-mail me.


If I can support you in learning more about you PCOS diet, please call on me. I’ll be happy to share even more ideas about getting your PCOS under control.


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“Randi, I loved reading your e-book on IBS; there is great information for everyone. I have already made some of the changes you have suggested - I add flax seed to my oatmeal every morning, I switched to whole wheat pasta and I eat slower. I feel healthier and I have more energy. Thanks for the great advice!”

-Kim Schoenburg, CA


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